LATEST BUNDLE DEAL Mix and match from GMD's Best Selling and Super Valued smalls specials! We will give you a 1/2 oz mix and match of flower plus 3.5 grams of Gold Seal Louis Vuitton hash for $89 or 1 oz mix and match of flower plus 7 grams of Gold Seal Versace hash for only $129! Most sites sell the hash for $20/gram alone! This is an absolute steal! 1. Pink Panther(smalls) - Indica 2. Black Tuna (smalls) - Balanced Hybrid 3. Rockstar (smalls) - Indica Dominant


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  • 1/2oz [$89/1/2oz] + 3.5g Hash
  • 1oz [$129/1oz] + 7g Hash

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