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Handmade gummy Lego-shaped blocks crafted by our very own in house veteran candy maker with over 35 years experience.. He uses nothing but Delta 9 - 96%+ THC distillate to infuse into his candy. He never sprays or injects any THC oil when making our candy. This is extremely small batch and the best of the best in terms of taste, freshness and potency. Extremely High Dose those who need extreme results. Try our high dose Vancity Kushy Kickers. Packed with 200mg of THC in each x2 for 400mg total per package. Guaranteed to be potent enough to conquer chronic pain and help those with severe illnesses. Not for beginners, only suitable for those with experience with edibles. Each package contains 2 pieces: Electric Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry Blaster Standard pack (2) - 200mg pieces per package (400mg total), Medium pack (4) - 200mg pieces (800mg total) Large pack (6) - 200mg pieces (1200mg total)


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