Imagine being able to enjoy your shatter without the side of solvent. Now you can, thanks to an emerging solventless technique called “rosin” technology. Rosin is a cannabis concentrate made through an extraction technique that manipulates fine hash using pressure and heat. Having a very high cannabinoid and terpene concentration, rosin is further differentiated from other concentrate products because of several important factors. The first is overall purity, the result of using only heat, pressure and sift bags with microscopic openings—as opposed to any solvents—to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. As such, rosin won’t have any solvent residue, while other techniques may require going through more steps to purify the concentrate, something that is not always fully achieved. Other positive rosin attributes include the price of production and the possibility of manipulating the concentrate into different textures and consistencies, including shatter, wax and crumble.