What’s better than one gram of awesome saucy diamonds? More diamonds for a reasonable price! Time to stock up on the newest concentrate from GMD Supply. These beauties are in high turnover. We are happy to release a new take on THC Diamonds. These tasty treats have a mild terp profile and make for excellent dabbing. Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend, they are everyone’s best pal when you’re rocking these on your rig. Not for the novice user, experienced cannabis enthusiasts should go slow. These beauties carry 80-90% percent THC and wow with their amazing high. These crystalline formations are the latest product craze to shake up the concentrate world. On top of being extremely potent, THC diamonds are visually stunning. Be sure to have snacks and a couch ready, good vibes are coming your way after hitting a dab of these excellent new THC Diamonds from GMD Supply. Instructions: Diamonds need to be Vaped or Combusted for psychoactive properties. Go slow. Keep cool and out of direct heat or sunlight. Keep away from children.