Some of our furry friends can be a little fussy, so Miss Envy Botanicals created a hassle free alternative; a solvent free CBD food additive. Containing a proprietary blend of organic oils and minerals, this mixture will reduce high blood pressure, inflammation and arthritic pain. This signature organic recipe will strengthen and improve mobility of joints and muscles, while rehydrating skin and providing a brilliant shiny coat! WEIGHT: .150 kg DIMENSIONS: 3.5 Γ— 3.5 Γ— 10 cm


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100 ml bottle, with 1 ml dropper

250 mg CBD (2.5 mg CBD per dropper) 

INGREDIENTS: Flex seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower oil, cod liver (source of Vitamins A & D), sesame oil, rosemary extracts, C02 extracted CBD hemp oil.  

  • All ingredients certified organic and fair trade
  • No artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives
  • GMO free
  • No wheat or soy
  • Gluten free

CBD is sourced from 100% organic Canadian hemp.

Please note that this product is not water soluble, so it should not be added to your pet’s water. Since our CBD is sourced from the hemp plant, this product will not cause any psychoactive effects.