Baxter Blunts are hand crafted with the highest quality of cannabis. They hand pick the products from local cultivating farms, and pick nothing but the best AAA -AAAA quality cannabis. Unlike most pre-roll and blunt companies, who may use “high quality” bottom of the bag or “high quality smaller nugs / shake” and try to pass it off as Flawless flower – Baxter has the best if not better product you’d would buy in your local dispensaries – into their blunts. Their products are meticulously hand produced, and use the highest quality of cannabis sourced from B.C. farms. The Blunt Cones are nicotine and tobacco-free, made of matte tea leaves with natural Cacao and Chamomile flavour, and are hand-rolled in Brazil. Once you try these products, you will recognize the quality and workmanship in their making.


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